Risk Identification

Our sophisticated scoring system employs a distinctive algorithm that enables us to accurately identify individuals who are more likely to present a potential financial risk. This cutting-edge technology enables us to uncover possible risks that may have been missed or disregarded due to resource limitations or other data constraints.

Fraud Identification

Our advanced scoring system utilizes a semantic approach to thoroughly examine all inputted data, as well as in-app behavior and transactions, in order to detect and analyze any potential fraudulent activity. This comprehensive score is carefully developed across various platforms, allowing for a highly accurate and reliable assessment of any suspicious patterns in the journey of potential fraudsters.

Audience Builder

The goal of our product is to help you grow bigger. We do that by processing the seed segment and applying our ML classification model to generate and replicate customers similar to the seed.The generated segment is not PII exposed until users is acquired.

Persona Builder

Our persona builder goes deeper than the tip of the iceberg. Learn from three levels of persona insight : demographics, interests/unique traits (category, niche, and brand), and rich customer behaviors, including powerful customer index.

CRM Enrichment

Our product gives you access to holistic-level attributes to aid your decision-making process by uniting your customer data with our features score for correcting bias in data sets, persona builder, customer affinity behavior, and product performance that require extensive iteration from the high volume of data.