Audience Builder

Targeting Right Audience to Save Your Budget and Open Up New Opportunities.

One-stop solution for acquisition-retention strategy

Pre-built segmented audience

Robust look alike audience

Replicate Right Audience

No PII Exposed

With our platform, you can easily choose from a wide selection of pre-built segments that are tailored to your needs. These segments range from general categories like fashion enthusiasts to more specific ones. You can also expand your reach by creating a new audience based on user profiles using a sample of your preferred users. Our platform ensures that your advertising efforts are efficient by using carefully cleansed PIIs and hashing algorithms to direct your content to the intended channels.

Use Case

Target your market and niche in a more precise way. Utilize our pre-built segmented audience to create a laser-focus targeting to specific segments with a clear interest and purchase intention.

Focus on leads who have similar profiles with your converted ones. Find existing leads that shares a strong similarity with your past conversion to optimize your sales funnel.

Find out which users to have higher probability of becoming loyal. Model out your loyal customers to every single past customer so that you can set a laser-focused efforts on those who are more likely to be loyal

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