Fraud Identification

Going Beyond Your Rule Based, Identify More Fraudster Hide on Legitimate Account.

Proactive protection against fraud

Improve Predictability

Verify users authenticity

Fair Score

Real Time

Our scoring system works alongside your established anti-fraud rules to improve predictability from unusual patterns in user behavior. We analyze the overall connections within our community to verify the authenticity of users and uncover any fraudulent accounts with legitimate information. Our advanced machine learning model predicts the likelihood of a user's transactions being similar to those of a fraudster. Our ultimate goal is to provide all users with fair score in real-time.

Use Case

Unlock hidden fraudster that is previously tagged as genuine or good user. We can help you identify which users are fraud accomplices by looking at the granular connections from users. Any suspicious connection will be seen with our fraud relation.

Discover the fraud mastermind. With our fraud relation score, we can identify the “so-called genuine user” as a mastermind that generated many fraud accounts.

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