Persona Builder

Eliminate uncertainty and simplify the process of creating accurate and detailed customer personas.

Aiding your customer discovery process

Rich Datasets

Multiple ML Models

Deep Insights

Quick Turnaround

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers behavior and other unique traits using Oppna's rich dataset and advanced machine learning models for your user's persona. Our persona builder provides three levels of insights, including detailed demographics, interests/unique traits, and rich customer behaviors. And best of all, it's available in just one week, saving you from the unbearable wait time of traditional research agencies.

Use Case

Adapt the way you communicate your business and market your products. See the interests and traits, such as favorite item category and brands, of several groups of your existing customers from Oppna AI Persona Builder, and change the communication based on it.

Compare product or feature ideas with your customers archetypes. Is your ideal view of customers who will use your product ideas similar to the persona of your existing customers? With Oppna, that’s a question that can be answered precisely.

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