CRM Enrichment

Predict User Behavior Accurately with The Right Data to Aid Your Decision Making Process.

Holistic-level attributes for customer analytics

High Match Rate

Unparalleled Insights

Always Enrich

Real Time

Maximize your customer analytics by leveraging our vast array of data signals with high match rate with your digital users. Gain unparalleled insights from our Customer Health Score, Customer Lifetime, and more than 20 metrics to understand their digital activity and learn more about their spending habits. Stay ahead of the competition by integrating our enrichments through our API or data warehouse for real-time updates.

Use Case

Get a better view from a user's perspective. Enriching your customer's data using Oppna's Customer Health Score allows you to see which of your users have strong and recent engagements toward the digital ecosystem.

Customer Segmentation. Group up your existing customers with an additional attribute of Oppna's Customer Lifetime Value to get a sense of their future spending likelihood, thus allowing you to prioritize customers better.

Gain more insights. Better understand which of your users fits with your products using the Fintech Familiarity attribute that summarizes their purchase methods to use higher-level financial products, e.g., insurance.

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