We help businesses understand users through data connection and AI, fairly

What makes us, us!


Anonymous Data Provider

Indonesia 1st Anonymous Big Data Ecosystem Provider for Understanding Users with AI-Based.


Data signals for unpararelled breadth & depth

Utilize millions of data signals by adopting cutting-edge technology for connecting the facts and better predictions.


Parameters for robust risk model

Our score is based on a proprietary algorithm designed to identify users with higher risk.

Use Cases

Discover better insights and analysis

Unite your customer data with our user attributes to get 360 views of the user for better insight or correct your bias in data sets for building a recommendation engine, or even if you want to create a persona builder based on user affinity behavior.
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Optimize your marketing leads

Oppna helps you grow bigger based on your target users. We do that by processing the seed segment and applying our ML classification model to generate and replicate customers similar to the seed. The generated segment is not PII exposed until users are acquired through your preferred channels.
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Reduce risk with users identification

Identify a user that matters to you, conduct a pre-screening process by focusing on high-score users for a higher return to the company, and avoid low-score users with higher risk for related financial transactions that previously you did not recognize or did not have resources to review manually.
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Minimize false positive

The problem with fraud rule-based detection is its user triggered. User can already have some suspicious connection but cannot flagged immediately or still genuine until proven otherwise.
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Data Security has always been pivotal

  • We provide solution that built on :
    • ISO/27001:2013 protocol compliant software that adhere to the global standards in security. Operates for the scope of the Information Security Management System in provision of data processing services with certificate number IS778995
    • Private electronic systems providers or PSE from Indonesia Ministry of Communications and Information Technology with registered number 007290.01/DJAI.PSE/08/2022
  • We conform Indonesian Data Privacy regulations at the heart of our products and services.